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October 30th, We are hosting our next in-house Thai cooking class at 12:00pm:

Spend a Saturday afternoon in person with our chef Gavin & bar manager Oi where you will learn to cook signature Malee’s dishes. Recipe booklet & mini Thai starter kit included. Oi will be on hand to mix house specialty drinks at extra cost. After the class, a family style meal of the 4 dishes with a special wine pairing will be included.
$85 per seat

  • Tom Ka Gai, Malee’s famous coconut ginger soup with our original chili reduction sauce, mushrooms, fresh lemongrass, galanga root & kefir lime leaf with cilantro & green onion.
  • Thai Fire Wrap, Bite-sized pieces chicken breast, flash fried with tempura batter, and sauteed in fiery hot wing sauce. Served with a wedge of iceberg lettuce.
  • Drunken Dragon Noodles,Rice noodles tossed with fresh Thai basil and bean sprouts in a light green curry sauce. Topped with diced tomatoes.
  • Stir Fried Basil Eggplant, Japanese eggplant and Thai basil sauteed in a preserved yellow bean and garlic sauce.

$85 per seat / $340 for table of 4


Fundraiser for Ban Khok Klang, Thailand to help fight Covid-19

Many of you know and love Oi and her daughters, Bo and Orapin. I was recently informed that the little village that Oi was born in, Ban Khok Klang, has been ravaged by Covid-19 and since it is not near a large metropolitan area, the resources to battle this deadly virus are very limited. Malee’s staff have decided to raise funds for her village by offering 100% of the proceeds from a very popular dish, Kaprow Gai ( you may recall that the Thai Boy Scouts who were trapped in a mine wanted this dish when they were rescued).

We also are setting up a fund for those of you would like to donate on your own. We appreciate any amount that you can afford as pennies become dollars and the American dollar goes a long way in Thailand.

Thank you,

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